Hello Friends! My Name is Shannon and I live In the Graham area with my husband, middle school son and our 3 doodles. Yes, 3.  I love photography, coffee, Netflix, throw pillows, signs with words and a really great Pinot Noir. 


I also struggle with body confidence, for years this is an issue I have under discussed. 

I have had events occur in my life that have crippled my love of self at times and

I am always working toward being content in my body and recognizing the things that make me beautiful. My hope is that all women can see the unique beauty in themselves, banish the negative self talk and rock the kind of confidence that triumphs all.

As I teetered onto the cusp of 40, I found myself adopting an attitude of its now or never, and so I scheduled my own boudoir session with little expectation.


The short version of my photo shoot is the reveal took my breath away. I could not believe that was me in those georgeous photographs and my confidence skyrocketed immediately! I knew right then I was going to make boudoir a professional passion because I wish for every woman to experience that feeling of reconnection to themselves. 


I believe boudoir is about reminding ourselves that we are outwardly beautiful regardless of our default self perception, and it has the power to transform our attitude about beauty. 


It's about real women, every day, every kind of women. It's about self love and being genuinely content within our bodies while nurturing both the physical and emotional parts of ourselves. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and who better to recognize that than yourself. My sincere hope is to help every woman that I work with rekindle that love of self and esteem and It is my objective to uplift each of you.

I look forward to connecting soon!

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