Your Experience is incredibly important to me!


Simply stated, make yourself at home! I know, easier said than done considering one of us Is practically naked. My goal is to provide an experience that feels comfortable, relaxed and most important fun! 

Our time together will take place in my Graham, WA home studio that is tastefully decorated, bright and full of natural light! I do use soft box lighting when needed on gloomier days or to achieve a desired look. I will coach you through posing and expression and be very intentional of whats going on in the background. Occasionally I may even have a brilliant idea that will result in us both laughing at ME hysterically!

Hair and make up services can be coordinated through me to be applied  before your photo shoot, or I can make a recommendation. When you arrive, we will sit and chat and go over what to expect, review outfits and answer any last minute questions. I also have water, snacks and some Rose' on hand if your nerves need a little assistance. Or, if you just like Rose' thats ok too!

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